My girl Melanie Kissell was challenged to create 7 random facts about herself who in turn challenged me to do the same. And of course I had to do it! Besides, it’s fun and you guys get to know a little more about me – however weird, funny, or crazy 😉

So here goes!

1. Malachi from Children of the Corn (link to IMDB) STILL scares me. LOL

malachi children of the corn


2. I’ve eaten cow tongue before (accidentally). Ewww! Okay, so I was tricked actually. My aunt cut it up in pieces and served it with rice so I didn’t think anything of it.

Then after dinner she tells us that we just ate cow tongue. REALLY Auntie? LOL



3. I lost a place in a 3rd grade spelling bee because the silly teacher was over-enuciating this very basic, simple word – WAS.

She said it like “Wise‘” so that’s what I spelled. I could kick her still today. Just playing; I’m not violent (I’ll have someone else do it for me!)…shhh!

peanuts spelling bee

Image Credit


4. I’m a stripper in my other life 😉 I’ve taken Pole Strip Fitness classes at the gym which was extremely fun! However, now that I’m older, I can’t wear the shoes (too high) and my arms are nowhere near what they need to be to maneuver around on a pole! LOL

I have much respect for the ones who can handle it though… #Fierce #RealGymnasts 

 stripper on a pole silhouette


5. I started reading erotic books at the age of 12. For you tattle tails, it doesn’t matter if Mom knows now because the statute of limitations is in effect!

*wonders if this is related to my wanting to be a stripper…hmmm*


Image courtesy of

6.  I cried when I got my first C ever (freshmen year of college in Calculus of all courses even though I aced Calculus 1 & 2 in high school. Mizzou was tripping! LOL)


7. I used to transcribe the songs of Rap group, Bone Thugs in Harmony, in high school. They rapped very fast so I found it a challenge to know what they were saying. FYI – all we had at the time was a tape deck so I’d record the songs off the radio and have to play, pause, rewind almost like every 3 words! I can probably still sing along to this day 🙂 

I actually met one of them while in line at the grocery store. He needed a quarter of all things – go figure! Didn’t want to break that $100 bill in his hand!



Dorien, with More In Media, also took the challenge. Check out her 7 Random Facts.

Your turn…

I now challenge you to throw out some random facts about yourself (or if you have a blog, feel free to create a post with your 7 Random Facts and link to it in your comment). So, what say you? 🙂 

Wassuper, it's yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what's "normal!" I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.
7 Random Facts (You Didn’t Need To Know) About Kesha, The Uncommon Chick

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  • Selene

    I love it!! lol

    • Hey boo, thanks for coming over and enjoying! Talk soon!


  • Oh, Kesha!!

    Jason Fonceca is going to have a field day with this (private joke). LOL!

    If your readers are curious, they can head over to Jackie Purnell’s blog and catch the comments here:

    Love all the graphics you added to your FUN facts — very clever and creative.

    You got a “C”?? Had I known you then, I would have been crying right along with you. Boy, do I know how that feels. And it’s a damned hard pill to swallow. That’s the problem with us high achievers. Even a “B” feels like a failure. But don’t try explaining that to “C” students … they don’t get it.

    I don’t care if the statute of limitations is up … I’m telling your mom on you. 🙂

    I won every spelling bee I ever entered so allow me to kick that teacher FOR YOU!

    SO much fun reading your post, Kesha, and thanks for following through on the challenge. Friends like you are, most assuredly, NOT a dime a dozen. xoxo

    • Mel, I wish we were closer. I think we’d have some fun together chatting it up and hanging out!

      And you’re right, I didn’t care for Bs either for real but a C? OMG, I felt like such a failure! I soon got over that though when another C rolled in from “Differential Equations” which I hated too…that C felt more like an A that time because that class was NO JOKE!

      You know what’s crazy about mom knowing about me reading erotica (still don’t remember where I got those books from but I was pretty resourceful) is I have no idea what she’d think or say. So what do I have to do to bribe you into keeping quiet??? *wink*

      You are awesome Mel!


  • W-O-W

    Allow me to bow and crown you the queen of random facts!


    You are awesome and I am honored to make your acquaintance! We have a few things in common, although I am not going to tell you which of your 7 random facts I can identify with…


    • LOL Thank you Dorien!

      But you do know that now I am absolutely curious as to which ones we have in common…Hmmm, I could guess but what can I do to pull it out of you??? 🙂


  • This is too funny. Seven things about me: 1) I love Bruce Springsteen. 2) My life goal is to climb a water tower (couldn’t tell you why). 3) I just bought my first house (holy cow!) 4) My favorite food is tacos — but only the way I make them. Everyone else makes ’em funny. 5) I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth, but most of the sweets I like are considered “crappy” candy 6) I LOVE to write — went to school for journalism 7) I have really obnoxious sayings that I say all of the time and I don’t realize that they are annoying until I hear other people saying them. For example, “Crankfest 2012” is my new term for when someone is being totally cranky/grumpy for no reason. One of my coworkers used it the other day in a meeting!

    Thanks for the post. It was fun!

    • Hey Jessica, when you do climb that water tower, be sure to take pics and let me know where to go see them! What’s your date on that goal?

      Buying houses is overrated for real! 🙂

      Crankfest 2012 – now you’re going to have me saying it! I like new sayings and see if other people pick up on them LOL


  • Children of the Corn made me smile. I think of that movie every time I drive by corn fields, and as I live in the country I drive by them a lot. 🙂

    My grandma put cow brains in raviolis once. At least I think I ate it only once…..

    Loved your post, Kesha!

    • Ha, that’s why I’m a city girl Cheryl. I’d see a scare crow and immediately think about that movie so I’ll stay away from the corn fields! LOL

      Cow brains? Wow! I saw a movie once where they showed people eating monkey brains. It just sounds crazy. What did it taste like? Just like chicken? LOL


      • I didn’t notice the taste as it had ricotta, spinach and beef in there as well.

        My cousin did though. He had a cow as it were! That’s how we found out. 🙂

  • 7 things huh?

    Easy: I’ve done the “mile high” thing and it’s vastly overrated! Lol.
    2) I cancelled on two facelifts and took my family on a cruise instead (which is why my blog is titled “laughlinesand crows” lol. 3) I proposed to my husband 4) I was called “beanstalk” in middle school because I was tall. 5) I miss being in love. 6) my greatest fear is that all this hard work in college at my older age will have been a waste and 7) if I had to choose between being right or kind I’d choose kindness – hands down.

    • LOL at mile high…I imagine it would be overrated with the 3×3 size of that thing. I never use the bathroom on a plane (except surely hoping that the plane to Europe next year will have larger bathrooms having to be on that thing for several hours! *fingers crossed*). If I had claustrophobia, it would be even worse.

      Question: Did you get caught having it out in the plane’s bathroom? 🙂

      I love it when a woman takes charge, knows what she wants, and goes after it so kudos for being non-traditional and proposing to the hubby!

      I think we all know, even the educational heads themselves, that for most of us college may seem like a waste of time the older we get and realize that the classes we took will never be used. I do wish we had more “life” classes in every discipline in college and school in general!

      By the way, just took a look at your photo and you don’t need a facelift beautiful 🙂

      Thanks, Kate, for sharing your 7!


  • That spelling bee happened in grade 3, but it sounds like you relive it when you write about it — true?

    I love women who embody dance, flexibility, sensuality, sexuality, decoration, etc. – strippers count.

    Erotica is a funny thing, it’s either an “in-public” socially acceptable form of porn for women (guys tend to be visual and obvious, women respond to words/emotions with subtlety) — so did you read like Shiloh Walker, Alison Kent, Elizabeth Jewell, etc?

    Love bone thugs… heh, I remember Bone thugs were like wicked God-oriented here:
    “God bless you working on a plan to Heaven
    Follow the Lord all 24/7 days, GOD is who we praise
    even though the devil’s all up in my face
    But he keeping me safe and in my place, say grace
    For the case to race with a chance to face the judge
    And I betcha my soul won’t budge”

    and then they do Notorious Thugs with Biggie:
    “Thug ass niggas that love to bust, it’s strange to us
    you all niggas be scrambling, gambling
    up in restaurants with mandolins and violins.
    We just sittin’ here trying to win, try not to sin
    high off weed and lot’s of gin
    so much smoke need oxygen
    steadily countin’ them Benjamins.”


    • Honestly, Jason, I don’t remember who the authors were but as you’ve noted, it was about the words and emotional response that kept reading and thoroughly intrigued. 🙂 I still read erotica now and even write some of my own every now and then.

      Okay, so you can feel the steam from the computer screen (ooh, that rhymed! :-)) when I mentioned that spelling be eh? That’s because though I jokingly talk about it, there’s still a bit of anger – at who you ask? Me for not understanding what she said or the teacher for doing the most!? Hmmm…

      It’s like when I used to talk about my dad (before I really, truly forgave him and myself for holding a grudge since my teenage years – another topic, another post!)…I would be casual about it and talk like I didn’t care but inside was a WHOLE ‘notha story and if you paid any attention, you could feel it. So you caught me on this one 😉 Very intuitive ol’ chap!

      Man, Bone Thugs were NICE! I haven’t heard anything about them since their last song with Mariah – ‘Lil Love’ I think was the name.

      So grateful you stopped over Jason!

      Talk soon!

      • Hahaha… yeah, that feels like guys not knowing the porn stars names lol 🙂 I’ve written as well, and have studied in depth. There’s a surprising amount of overlap between business seduction and the emotionally charged writing of erotica. I find it very… ‘helpful’ 😛

        Thanks, Kesha. I’ve put tremendous energy + focus into honing my intuition. It has huge advantages 🙂

        Here’s a question: Does focusing on a Past Event right now, in your new life, as your new Kesha-esque self, help or harm?

        My pleasure, see you at tha crossroads, crossroads, crossroads… 🙂

        • LOL and at the crossroads, we shall meet 😉

          But of course we both know focusing on past events (especially when a lesson has already been learned) never helps. I’ve learned that the hard way but learned it nevertheless.

          Nowadays, my focus is the present (in terms of what I’m doing today to make a better future for me and my peeps) – I’d say like 90% of the time which is a success in my book.

          But maybe you can help me this (off topic)…sometimes, random negative scenarios pop in my head and I can’t seem to figure out why. I’m what most people call an optimYstic so am clueless (I used to think humans are just negative by nature which means it comes easily and we have to strive HARD to be positive).

          When that happens, instead of fighting it (with short quick shakes of the head as if I’m getting rid of the idea that way), I let it play out and see where it goes and then analyze its purpose. I never come up with anything though and question why I thought it in the first place.

          Maybe I need to sit on your couch and have some therapy sessions! 🙂


          • I agree, Kesha, you’re totally rockin’ life, and I love it.

            I made the journey from when I was young, to fast-thinking genius, focused on cynicism and negativity, to “The Most Positive Person I Know”, and I definitely feel qualified (and love to) to help 🙂

            I like how you dropped the belief that humans are negative — Very Good.

            I used to do the same thing, always analyzing and introspecting as to where/why thoughts came.

            I learned something though…

            I learned I could ask more powerful questions and handle things a more powerful way.

            I did that and my life changed, big time.

            I did that and I entered a new groove, a new phase, a new… more positive mindset.

            I’d list it as one of the most powerful changes any human being can make, and for some reason very few people aim to achieve it.

            On top of that…

            This may take out some of the drama (don’t worry, life will bring more :P)…

            But it’s so easy.

            So what did I do?

            I replaced analyzing negative thoughts with this question:

            “OMG, I know I don’t like [X}, so what do I WANT?”

            I repeat…

            “I know I don’t like [X] — so what. do. I. WANT?”

            I’d love for you to try it and see if it doesn’t start carving out a new, beautifully sculpted mind + life.

            Sometimes I teach people this and they never need me again — but that’s cool, there’s always more people, and sometimes they hang around just for fun 😀

            There, some of my highest value, shared and immortalized on


          • You bet I will try it and am loving the question Jason! I am always looking for ways to live more powerfully and I guess you’re now “The 2nd Most Positive Person I Know” 😉

            I know I’ve said this before (I think) but I am so grateful for virtually meeting you, for your insights, your lovely sense of humor, great conversation, and….need I say more! It’s almost like I already know you. Soooo looking forward to meeting you in person one of these days!

            Now, on to replacing the analysis of any negative thoughts that may pop up with my new powerful question… *fun fun!*


  • Here are my 7 random facts…
    1. I celebrate my half birthday secretly
    2. I believe in God, Jesus, and the Law of Attraction
    3. If I had super powers, I would be evil; too many stupid people need to go
    4. I love candy, love it
    5. I think my boyfriend is the sexiest man on the planet
    6. I love Star Wars episodes 4 5 and 6; I tolerate the others
    7. I mostly drink water

    And I didn’t think I could do this.


    • lol, Kimberly, awesome list… – and you did it well 🙂

      Note: In my experience 2 + 3 clash and can make life … awkward 🙂


      • Jason, you are so right. Which is why I can’t have super powers. Being a mere mortal makes me look for the good in everyone. But when I see someone abusing an animal…I think even Jesus would have to step in on that one.


        • 🙂


          Apparently my oh-so-witty smiles were “not enough words for a comment so…”

          Back in biblical times, I believe there was all kinds of animal abuse, wonder if he saw it, didn’t, stopped it, or what? I also wonder if he killed bugs or allowed anyone in his presence to kill bugs.

          Do you feel people tell whatever stories and project whatever attitudes they want on to Jesus, or are people really, truly studying and knowing him deeply, and understanding his perspective on life?

          There… is THAT enough words, comment box?

          Sheesh 😛

          • LOL, Jason. I LIKE you! I find myself wondering the same thing. I was raised Methodist and attended Catholic school most of my life; even at University. I like to think of Jesus as a very evolved human being. I find that as I get older I can see the simplicity of His teachings that were complicated and I love discussing the possibilities. I was listening to a podcast when they said that “turn the other cheek” could mean that he was suggesting that people move their head to the side so that they can get a different view – change your view point of a situation and you can gain a better understanding.

            Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but I found it fascinating and it’s encouraged me to look at other things Gospels for similar examples.

            I actually think that Jesus could inspire people to love; I try to do that through my blog Keep the Tail Wagging, but the flesh can be week and when I hear stories of people hurting animals, I sort of wish I could at least make them feel the pain their inflicting. Somehow I think life will catch up with them.

        • I like you too, Kimberly. Makes a good combo, I’d say.

          Very interesting convo, I appreciate it. Fave part?

          “I like to think of Jesus as a very evolved human being. ”

          Bless you 🙂

          • And of course I’m loving you both! You guys truly know how to marvelously extend a discussion. LOVE IT! 🙂


  • love it … and even if we all could live not knowing but it makes it so much more interesting 🙂
    to me it is the cream on top of the person 🙂

    • It does Helen and I’m glad Mel tagged me to do this. I love learning lil facts about the people we talk to online. Brings us closer together! 🙂


  • Tamiko Cuellar

    LOL! Okay so here’s my response to your random facts:

    #1 – Really?
    #2 – So have I! Only I wasn’t tricked. It’s sorta common in Mexican culture.
    #3 – I have a similar story! Only it was 4th grade and the word was ‘faucet’ and the ghetto lady pronounced it like fossit. I was so mad and disappointed that I only placed 4th… no trophy. 🙁 Still hurts my heart to this day.
    #4 – That’s on my bucket list to do. 🙂
    #5 – I’m not even gonna touch that deary!
    #6 – I can identify. Only I got an ‘F’ in Calc for Engineers at Mizzou but managed to get a ‘B’ when I retook it as Business Calc. Just couldn’t get with that Engineering stuff.
    #7 – I remember that!

    • Girl, for the pole fit classes try the FitChix Studio in Clayton (and one in Creve Coeur) –

      I wish there was one over here on the IL side. I’d take more of their classes. It was a very fun environment and didn’t feel so “gymmy” lol!

      I’m sure you remembered our rapping Bone Thugs in the classrooms! Those were the days 🙂

      Ummmm, so missy, where are your 7? 🙂


  • Hey Kesha

    Fab list, and a woman of many talents for sure. Great to see your readers getting involved too.

    On a side note I’m with you on the Malachi from Children of the Corn thing…he creeps me out too. Funny how some of those characters stick with you.

    • I know right and I haven’t seen Children of the Corn since I was younger! Yes, he stuck with me in a MAJOR way LOL

      Love that you came over and got a little bit of the ‘other’ Kesha 😉


  • Tammy

    Hi Kesha, Well, Uber interesting post. I’m so much smarter in the “Kesha Department” now. Pole dancing? Respect! Erotica reading? More respect! You ARE an interesting girl, aren’t you? I would be hard pressed to come up with 7 things that peeps don’t know about me. It seems I’m way more of an open book than I ever suspected. That’s okay; it saves a lot of explaining. So enjoyed this read…great fun!

    • See how much comes out with a little apple martini?! LOL 🙂

      Yes, I learn more about you in every one of your posts so you virtually have unlimited items about you all over your blog! Love it!

      Glad you stopped over and visited the “Kesha Department” Tammy *hugs*


  • Hi Kesha,

    Nice learning more about you.

    A stripper, huh? I read those erotic books too when I was young, maybe not 12, but never the less, I read them. lol. Oh, and I can relate with Bones, Thugs and Harmony. I never knew what they were saying, but I got my jam on though. LOL

    I use to do the same thing with my tape recorder..record from the radio and then start writing the words, so I could sing along with certain artists. Those were the days. It’s harder to do that these days.

    I enjoyed this post.

    Take care,


    • See, we didn’t have all these lyric sites with the words already written for us back then so our tape recorders were our only tool! Those were the days LOL

      As a matter of fact, I look up lyrics sometimes today just to see if I am saying the right thing. It amazes when I find out I’ve been singing a song wrong for years! HA!


  • Zia Courtney

    Hi Kesha, love to know the facts of your life and I am happy to know it. We have different facts and experience in life some are memorable and some are embarrassing. By the way thanks for sharing the following facts about you.

  • It’s totally mutual, Kesha 🙂 And thank *you* 😀

  • LOL at #2! & Oh MY Goodness…which Bone did you meet?! LOL I was obsessed with them, when I was high school.

    You’re so cool Kesha:) I enjoyed this post, and might have to try it on my blog.

    • Aw, thanks darling! *blushes* Thank you for your awesome compliments…I try 😉

      Girl, I don’t know his name but he was the light skinned one with curly-ish hair (like he has Indian in his family LOL) – kinda skinny (then at least).


  • Well gosh, how do I follow that? 😛

    It’s a small world, I didn’t know you knew Melanie, but within the blogosphere I’m finding out that everyone knows everyone else!

    7 things about me:

    1. My first car was a Lotus Elan
    2. I went to 8 schools and stopped going when I was 15
    3. I have no school qualifications at all
    4. I took a Mensa test and got in 🙂 (no I’m not dumb, just a bad student!)
    5. I have flat feet so stripper shoes are out for me!
    6. My head size is 8, which is about the size of a very large man’s head so I can never wear shop bought pretty hats.
    7. I have a thing for cars, especially low, wedge shape ones!

    • Yes, Mel’s my girl! She’s awesome which prompts me to follow up with her as we haven’t talked in a lil’ minute.

      In my attempt to get you in those stripper shoes, I’m gonna have to find you some type of shoe apparatus so you can wear them comfortably. LOL 😉

  • Pam S.

    I enjoyed reading this. LMAO!!!! I’ll get busy with my list too. I Totally agree about Malachi. Something about him really is scary to this day.. In fact, I wonder what ole dude is up to these days.?!?

    • So it’s not just me!! Ha!

      And poor Courtney Gains…that’s all I will ever know him as (and his current photos are not changing my thoughts of his creepy role from that movie)… I can’t believe that was 1984…seems like yesterday! *skin crawls* LOL

  • Hi Lakesha,
    Its nice to hear from you,
    Great reveal here.
    I got a new theme to post
    my random facts, i will
    soon come back to connect
    Keep inform
    Best Regards

    • Hey Phil, I’ll look forward to your random facts! 🙂


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