We all make lists for stuff – grocery lists, chore lists, to do lists, even hit lists!

But what about a list for your soul? Creating a list of ways to feed your soul is a fun and necessary task we shouldn’t take lightly. 

Since we shouldn’t forget about our soul, here’s a list provided by Adele Ryan McDowell to give us ways to honor the needs of our inner selves. Prepare to be more “soul nourished” with these 50 ways to feed your soul.


Remember Paul Simon’s song, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”? It’s a catchy tune, right? In fact, can you see me humming? I am loosely, very loosely, borrowing the concept. Instead of talking about ditching your lover, I am going for a gentler, happier thought and want to consider: 50 ways to feed your soul.

Now, “What exactly is the soul?” you ask. The soul is our personal essence, our karmic essence, if you accept the expansive idea of karma. It is the star seed we each carry that is beyond the confines of our physical self. It is the light force within our individual being, our personal twinkling, if you will.

To deconstruct a bit further: Someone once shared the analogy with me that our soul is the light bulb, and our spirit is an animating, vital force akin to the incandescent filament within that bulb. I like that idea. Soul and spirit go hand-in-hand. For our purposes, we will consider the gestalt of the whole light bulb.

And the analogy is perfect, for what feeds our soul is what lights us up. Feeding the soul is an individual event. What feeds my soul, such as an arcing sweep of butterfly-shaped white petals on a single stem, may not do it for you. However, the book I am savoring may be right up your alley.

In broad strokes, the soul yearns for beauty, art, harmony, stillness, awe, a connection with the cosmos, communion with others, and moments of play. The soul desires to be illuminated with all that makes us feel whole, a part of, and in the flow. The soul revels in joy and merry making; it delights in creative expression. The soul is nurtured by authentic and genuine responses.

The soul lives in the moment. Like a Christmas tree, the soul sparkles with light when it is plugged in. So, what are some of the ways to plug into your particular soul on this very busy Planet Earth, where life is not dull and there is so much input of information, demands, and everyday stimulation? Most days are fast and hurried trying to keep abreast, keep track, and keep it together.

So, for your consideration, here are 50 ways to feed your soul. May you be reminded of what turns you on, fills you up, and lights your bulb.

Note from Uncommon Chick: I’ve added my thoughts on some of the items below…I hope you plan to do most of these as well!

1. Have a pillow fight. >> Done but it was an actual fight with my step sister because I caught her reading my diary LOL
2. Sit in the garden; walk in the forest.
3. Wrap yourself in quietude. >> I need to do this more often
4. Smell a rose. >> Yellow and white roses are my fav!
5. Smell a baby. >> Only after they’ve been changed!
6. Smell your lover’s neck. >> Aaaah, especially when wearing my favorite cologne 🙂
7. Surrender to love. >> It feels so good when you do
8. Surrender to silliness. >> I think Adele was thinking about me with this one…I’m always being silly!
9. Think of possibilities. >> Sometimes I think too much and have to bring myself back to earth 🙂
10. Doodle. >> Since I’m always online these days, I’ll have to do electronic doodling!
11. Let go. >> Continuous action
12. Let God. >> Same as above
13. Let someone else have a turn. >> Do I have to? 😉
14. Watch a rain storm.
15. Make eye contact smile. >> I try to make people smile when I look at them…personal mission and challenge…
16. Listen to children playing on a late summer evening. >> I love a child’s laughter
17. Share the full moon with a friend on the phone. >> I’d love to actually do this in person
18. Jump into a mound of fall leaves. >> Now this I haven’t done… *gathers leaves*
19. Make snow angels. >> Done!
20. Swim with the dolphins. >> It’s on my bucket list of things to do before age 40 to first learn how to swim! LOL
21. Do yoga on the beach.
22. Have your feet rubbed. >> Yes, it feels good – when done right!
23. Buy yourself flowers. >> I used to do this ever so often
24. Enchant a child with a story.
25. Open your clown chakra. >> Sounds fun!
26. Laugh and giggle; romp and play. >> Done!
27. Stop. >> Done!
28. Create beauty; see beauty. >> Done!
29. Fill a room with lilacs.
30. Forgive yourself – for everything. >> Still working on it!
31. Take a stroll at sunset. >> Done!
32. Sing in the shower. >> All the time! Need to work on getting my singing contract 🙂
33. Listen to the ocean’s ebb and flow.
34. Have a conversation by candlelight. >> Done!
35. Play in the dirt; plant some seedling greenness.
36. Climb into a bed with fresh, crisp linens. >> Cool and refreshing!
37. Bake bread. >> I might burn it! I better stay out the kitchen 🙂
38. Talk with the angels. >> Done!
39. Place a jar of wild flowers on your desk.
40. Read a poem every morning. >> Do affirmations count?
41. Climb to the top of the mountain. >> I have *metaphorically speaking*
42. Lend a hand. >> Done!
43. Hold hands. >> Done!
44. Finger paint. >> Done!
45. Listen to music on a summer night, al fresco. >> Done!
46. Capture your imagination with a good read. >> My favorite hobby!
47. Take a bubble bath.  >> Man, I haven’t done this in soooo long it’s a shame!
48. Dance spontaneously in the kitchen. >> *Going to the kitchen now; I’m sure my cat will look at me crazily!*
49. Play with a puppy. >> I don’t do dogs…but maybe a puppy will be okay
50. Be willing to learn the lessons that joy can teach. >> I’m there!

Onward, dear ones, to a daily life dotted with some soulful moments to remind you of your wonderfully expansive Self.

Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D., is the author of Balancing Act: Reflections, Meditations, and Coping Strategies for Today’s Fast-Paced Whirl and a contributing author to the best-selling anthology, 2012: Creating Your Own Shift.  Her next book, Help, It’s Dark in Here, will be released in 2012. You can learn more about Adele and her thinking at http://theheraldedpenguin.com.

Your turn…

Have you done all 50? If not, challenge yourself to do all 50 of these (I know I will). Let me know your thoughts below!

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50 Ways to Feed Your Soul
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  • I love these ideas and am thinking some of them should be a more than one-shot (the sunset, the walks, the soul stuff)… there is so much room for soul practice.

    Love the concept of soul-list. Perhaps there needs to be space on our daily “to do’s” for soul… all the time! Love this!

    • You have just given me a glorious idea Julie!!! I should add a soul item to my daily to do list…why not? I have everything else on there. I’m so glad you commented and thanks a bunch deary!

      Talk to ya soon!


  • Beautiful list – just taking time for one thing for me some days would be a good thing.
    The pile of leaves made me laugh tho, would be terrified to encounter a snake in there!

    • Nicole, yep, one thing a day would be great for me too at least! Snakes? *shudders* Now why’d you have to ruin my “leafing” experience LOL

  • Wow Kesha, great list. I never really gave a lot of that much thought. Thanks for waking me up young lady!

    Next time I need to just chill and feed my soul, I’m going to have to revert back to your list and see what exactly catches my eye on that particular day. Right off the bat I see two that I do often already. Taking a stroll and singing in the shower. I’m safe, I live alone! 🙂

    Thanks Kesha!

    • Well, I’m glad I can be a resource for you Adrienne after you’ve provided so much info for me! 🙂

      btw: Maybe we can start a group called the S.S.S. band – Shower Singing Sisters, audio only; no video LOL

      • Oh Kesha, that might be kind of scary! lol… S.S.S., I LOVE that! 🙂

  • Deb


    Such good food for thought. I adore the sound of a baby’s laughter – so pure, lyrical and joyful–inspiring. I’m thinking I should borrow a baby and record it for hits of joy during the day.

    • Yes, borrow one – that way you can give the baby back when it starts to cry LOL

      I sometimes look at babies and feel a rush of joy. Their laughter is so contagious and their sweet, innocent smiles and playful selves are so lovely and inviting. It’s only in that state that I can tolerate babies for long though 😉


  • Great post, Kesha! Reading this list is number 51 on a great list of ways to feel your soul. It certainly made me smile and laugh.

    I will amend “do yoga on the beach” to “do yoga in the mountains”. I’ll take mountains over beaches, any day! Which is fortunate for me considering I live so close to the Rocky Mountains.

    This is such a great list, and something I may attempt to accomplish in the next year. Okay, maybe not the swimming with dolphins part. See above re: mountains vs. beaches. Hmmm… perhaps running with elk is a suitable substitution. 😉


    • Ha! I like that you said #51 is to read this. I should add it to the post! 🙂

      You go ahead and handle the mountains and I’ll hold down the beaches. As long as we’re in our element, we’ll be perfectly happy!


  • Nikki Griffin

    Kesha aka Ch….

    This is one of the best post…definitely a top 10!

    PS…you could have swam with the dolphins but you let me go alone….but I got ya when you’re ready. LOL

    Thanks again!

    Nik Nik

    • Girl, you know I gotta learn to swim first before I can take on the dolphins (they might try to take me down and I drown in 3 ft of water) LOL…stay tuned though! 🙂


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