If you are struggling with creating a healthy lifestyle, and money is the greatest obstacle, you might want to know that there are several ways you can become healthier without breaking the bank. You don’t have to buy expensive supplements or even hire a personal coach. The below tips will help you save money and stay healthy at the same time.

5 Ways to Save Money and Be Healthier

1. Break Up Bad Habits

If you are a smoker or drink regularly, you might need help breaking these self-destructive habits. You  can get help from hypnotherapy, or even seek medical advice. If you cut back on smoking, or replace your tobacco with e-cigarettes you can save hundreds of dollars a month. If you don’t go out two or three times a week to share a few bottles with your friends, you will have more money left to build a healthy lifestyle.

2. Leave the Car Behind

bike to work


If you spend a lot of time in your car or drive a lot of short distances, you could try an alternative. While you need a car for shopping and covering large distances, you might choose to take public transportation or bike to work for the shorter trips. You will save money on gas and get your daily exercise! This is a win-win situation, and you can help the environment with your new habit at the same time. Even if you take the car to work in the winter, use the summer months to get fit and active.

3. Take On a Hobby Instead of Late Night Snacks

We are all guilty of snacking at night in front of the TV. Why not try something else instead? Take on a hobby or find something else you like to do at the times you know you snack most often. This way, you won’t be bored and tempted to hit the snacks. While watching TV is a good way of relaxation, you are more apt to finish a pack of cookies while you are being entertained. You can save money on your grocery shopping, and get healthier, by quitting late night snacks.

4. Grow Your Food

If you struggle to get fresh fruit and vegetables from the local market, you can grow your own and it doesn’t take a lot of time! You can get a small growing bag or a balcony box if you live in an apartment and grow your own vegetables. Instead of taking supplements, you can help yourself to fresh fruit and vegetables whenever you feel like you need a vitamin or mineral boost.

5. Cook from Scratch

cook food from scratch

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Instead of ordering food every night, you can cook your own food. While ordering healthy meals can be expensive, you can learn a few simple dishes that take less than 20 minutes to do. You can save money on your take out bills, learn new skills, and make sure you know what you are eating.

Over to you

You can stay healthy on a budget and break your old habits using the above tips. Consider the environment, your budget, and previous lifestyle choices before you embark on your journey of physical transformation but know that it’s totally doable!

What methods are you using to save money while still trying to be healthy?

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5 Ways to Save Money and Be Healthier
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