5 ways to be more organized

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up. ~A.A. Milne

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5 Ways to Be More Organized

You may look at a highly organized person and think that this could never be you. But the truth is that they weren’t born this way and these are skills which they have had to learn and develop over time. Remember, it is never too late to change and develop some ways to get your life on a more organized track. So if you’ve always wished you were more organized, keep reading!

1. Use the Internet as a Tool

There are so many ways that the Internet can make your life a little bit easier and free up extra time for yourself. For example, you could start doing your shopping online so you don’t have to take time doing this. You could use services like Shiply when you need to arrange a courier. You could use comparison sites to makes sure you are always getting the best deal on all your purchases. The Internet is a tool which you should make the most of.

2. Write Things Down

People who just exist inside their own heads tend to forget things on a regular basis. So, when you think of a task that needs doing, write yourself a little note on your smartphone or a notebook if you are a little more old-fashioned. Give yourself deadlines of when these tasks need to be completed as people tend to work best when they have targets to work towards. It is also a good feeling when you can cross an item off your list.

3. Give Everything a Home

Think of all the time in your life you’ve wasted looking for things you’ve lost. If everything has a proper place and you take the time to put it back in the same place when you are finished using it, you will be a much more efficient person. Try to sort everything by categories and don’t allow your storage spaces to get too crowded.

4. Keep Only What You Need

Clutter is a problem in many people’s homes, but it is one that you can avoid by only keeping the things that you need. So, before you buy an item, ask yourself whether it is something you are likely to use on a regular basis and whether it will actually add any value to your life. If the answer is no, you are better off putting it back on the shelf. Not only will this approach save you money, it will save you clutter as well! Tip: before you buy something new, give away something old to keep clutter down.

5. Delegate Responsibilities

Being organized isn’t just about having everything on your own shoulders; it is also about knowing when you have taken too much on and it is time to delegate a few of your responsibilities over to someone else. For instance, if you can hire someone to do cleaning or laundry, that will save you time to do something else. Or if you have a savvy teen, have them do your research items. Put them to work! 🙂 Delegation is a key skill for everyone to have.

Over to you

Implement these five changes in your life and you are much more likely to set yourself on a course to becoming a more organized person.

How are you working your way towards being a more organized person?


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5 Ways to Be More Organized

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