So as I get older, I realize that I’m only gonna be young, vibrant, and energetic for so long (smile) so I better get started doing what I want to do in life. My friend, Andrea Amir of Skinny Riches (<< check hers out as well), suggested we each create our ‘40 Things Before Age 40‘ list, somewhat of a bucket list, if you will.

So here goes. I have approximately 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 year left…time to get on the move! I’m already thinking about when and how I’m gonna do most of this – #WIN! 🙂

[Created: 9/2011; Last Update: 1/2017]

  1. Take a trip off the continent.  I need to get off of North America and explore the rest of the world! – Complete (Went to Europe in December 2014!)
  2. Get back to a size 12. I’m not shooting for a number really, more so a size (12, since that’s when I had more fly gear :-)).
  3. Do one round of  4 Hour Body for fat loss as part of my fitness plan.
  4. Wear a bikini (a tankini is accepted 🙂 ) – and look fantabulous in it!
  5. Have a “true” emergency fund. For us single women, we need at least 6 months worth of expenses saved up…I’m a bit short – whoops!
  6. Do 1 unassisted pull-up. I apparently have NO upper body strength. Time to start working out my arms!
  7. Learn Spanish – again! I was cool in Spanish back in college (almost minored in it) and then lost it almost completely through disuse. Where are my fluent Spanish speaking friends with whom I can talk to every now and then so I can keep up??? (Now using the DuoLingo app and bought a book)
  8. Finish a latch hook kit craft project that’s been under my bed for years.
  9. Ride in a hot air balloon. I’m scared of heights, but somehow I think this would just be so cool.
  10. Start a podcast as an extension of the blog.  – Complete
  11. Start a personal blog (this one, yah! Launched Sept 2011!) – Complete
  12. Visit the Grand Canyon. Completed February 2015!
  13. See the 7 Wonders of the World okay maybe at least one because this is a huge goal!Complete (Grand Canyon, I no longer have a desire to see the other locations anymore)
  14. Monthly massages and consistent pamper me days. – Completing (ongoing)
  15. Buy a motorcycle and renew my license.
  16. Take my niece and nephew to experience the wonderfulness of Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. – Complete
  17. Go to Costa Rica. – Completed December 2016
  18. Take my multivitamins every single day without missing (at least for a month). So simple yet I haven’t done this yet! – Complete
  19. Ride in a helicopter (daggone fear of heights has kept me from this but I still want to do it).
  20. Conduct more speaking engagements professionally. Completing (ongoing)
  21. Buy a hammock for those cool, easy breezy days to lay back and read.
  22. Spend more time meditating daily. 10-15 minutes a day is all I ask. Completing (ongoing)
  23. Learn to swim. It’s just plain embarrassing to say I can’t swim at my age. Doh!
  24. Start using coupons more. Who doesn’t like to save??? As a matter of fact, I just bought a St. Louis Entertainment book. Now I just have to remember to use it! – Complete
  25. Have a thriving side hustle that will move me towards my goal of financial independence. Complete (Uncommon Chick Media, LLC!)
  26. Write more erotica (and publish). Yes, I used to write short stories and no they aren’t published anywhere, yet… 😉
  27. Get back to reading a book a month, at least. I love to read but haven’t been doing so very often lately. – Complete
  28. Go to New York City and be a complete tourist. – Complete (check the pics!)
  29. See Zumanity, the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas! Complete and wasn’t as impressed as I’d thought I’d be but now I can scratch it off my list!
  30. Create and sell infoproducts. – Complete Yeah so you can check out my Color. Escape. Renew coloring book and some Uncommon Chick gear!
  31. Go to Aruba to the Soul Beach Music Festival. – Complete May 2013 and I wrote a post about it…
  32. Go somewhere really fun and exciting for my 40th birthday.
  33. Obtain a new rental property (or flip a house).
  34. Hire an assistant. Or clone myself! Complete; finally Twanna Gill of Virtual Empress to the rescue!
  35. Take a beginner sewing class.
  36. Get a Mac – finally! – Complete
  37. Watch less TV. I’m sure the time saved here can help me reach some of the other goals! – (I’m down to just recording and watching my fav shows) – Complete
  38. Create a living will.  – Complete
  39. Ride a bull, mechanical that is! – Complete (now I need to beat my 8 seconds time!)
  40. Create Vision Board retreats/events teaching people how to create and use them.

Bonuses (because there’s so much I want to do)

41. Learns the basics of hula hooping. – Update – bought a weighted hoop; now gotta use it!

42. Do a head stand (unassisted).

43. Attend the World Domination Summit 2014. – Complete and had a blast!!

44. Have no credit card balances or car note! – Car note paid off; now working on 2 CCs.

45. Attend Awesomenessfest 2014. Didn’t get chosen (bummer) but maybe I’ll apply again this year. 

46. Go to LifeBook and get my life development system created. No longer a goal.

47. Go on a personal retreat. – Complete; I attended Nourish 2013!


What About You?

Do you have any 25 before 25, 30 before 30, 40 before 40, etc. goals or list? Please share a link to your post or leave a comment below with your big goals!

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40 Things Before Age 40 List…Time to Get Started!

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  • This is an awesome bucket list. I only have 4 years before I reach 40 so I better get to it and do it! You have officially inspired me! 🙂

    • Hey Boo! I hope you do realize that some of these items are going to be completed with you (i.e. New York, Vegas)! 🙂 Bring it!

  • You and Andrea have inspired me to create a list. I will have to work on it tonight. I turned 30 this year and I want to accomplish so much. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hey Vanessa! I’m glad we’ve inspired you. Get your 40 before 40 list going and share it with us. I’d like to link to it from my site as well…helps us all to stay in front of our goals 😉

      BTW: I absolutely love your website look and feel!


  • Michele Robinson

    Well, I wish I thought of this before i turned 40, so I will have to go with the 50 before 50 list (8 years away). Very inspirational idea!

    • Absolutely! 8 years is a solid amount of time to really hone in on what else you want to do in life and get ‘er done 😉

      Let me know too when you create your list and I’ll share it here!


  • I have a bucket list already and 4.5 years before 40 so I need to get a move on. Please hold 🙂 …

    • Holding and waiting… 😉

      • I finally posted mine today 🙂 Woohoo!

        • Woot! I added your link…#sistatribe on a roll!

  • Wow great job on the 40 by 40 list! –My life goes at such rapid speed that I don’t think I could even think of 40 things to get done in the next 4 years–maybe I should do a “10 or 20 by 40” instead! 😀

    • Yes, still do it and I betcha once you get started you’ll start thinking of all types of things to add to your list 🙂

      Don’t forget to let me know when you publish yours too!


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  • Suerae Stein

    This a great bucket list! But let me ask you – the older we are do we have to multiply by 10? So, in other words, I’m already (way) past 40, do I have to come up with a list of 50 things to do by age 50? That doesn’t leave me much time! I better get started! Thanks for the great post! ~Suerae

    • Hey Suerae, ideally yes but guess what…it’s your list! You can pretty much do anything you want with it. You can do 25 by 50, 101 by 50 or 4 by 40 if you want to challenge yourself with goals prior to turning 50. Go for it!

      Let me know if you create a post about it as I’ll share it here as well 🙂


    • Hey chica, I’ve now added a link to your post here as well…Let’s keep the ball moving and get on our goals!! 🙂


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  • I’ve got mine up – though almost a month after the rest of you, but it’s up (better late than never, right?).

    • Great, I’ve now added yours to this post as well! Leggo!

  • This is an cool spin on having goals… I gotta try this even though I saw a bunch of my own on your list. To help you with #27, have you considered Nano – http://www.nanowrimo.org? It’s next month and I’m going to do it just to see how much I can produce even though I’ve never written a novel before. I figured I might as well put my dreams to some good use!

    • Hey Girlfriend 🙂 Thanks for dropping by! You should do one too and let me know if you post it online so I can l link to it…I love to see others’ list as I might be able to get in on something with them 🙂

      I haven’t heard of Nano but checking into it now. Thanks for the resource! What’s your novel going to be about? Fiction or Non-fiction? You know to keep me posted so I can help you promote!


  • Jenny @ Ex-Consumer

    Great list Kesha! I love that you gave yourself a deadline (by 40). I should give myself a deadline too seeing as I haven’t made much progress on my bucket list.

    We have a lot of list items in common. Number 26 is one of my goals too, although I didn’t include it on my list. 🙂

  • I love this idea.. I should get my own list going. BTW.. you will love a Mac. ;-D (FBF Chasing Joy)

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Victoria! Yes, I’m still working on that Mac 🙂

      When you get your list going, let me know so I can check it out too. Hope to see you back soon sometime!


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  • Shermika

    I have a few before 30…jump out of a plane, go to Europe, get healthier…learn Spanish (yep, me too!) and countless others. It’s always great to have some inspiration. And get me an Ipad Kesha!!

    • You will do it and more! I KNOW it. How do I know? Because you took the time to write it 😉

      So you gotta keep me posted on when you achieve each one. I will let you have the jumping out of the plane one though LOL


  • Shermika

    I will most certainly keep you posted!

  • Nora

    So you are the real author of 50 Shades of Grey. I knew it. 🙂

    • Ha! From what I hear, I probably could have made it a lot better though 😉

  • WOW! An amaizng list, and it sounds like you are having great fun completing it. I think this is something everybody should try. I have a wish that when I am in my 90’s (and completing my 100 things to do before I’m 100… haha!) I want to be able to look back on my life and be happy for the things I DID do and not regret the things I didn’t do. Good luck on your adventures and I look forward to reading about your achievements as you do them :o)

    Graham ( http://grahamettridge-40thingstodobeforeim40.blogspot.co.uk/ )

    • Hey Graham, I am having fun and am happy that I am already working through my list like a champ 😉

      I also like the way you are chronicling each of your items separately (just checked out your site)! I hadn’t thought about that. For some of my bigger items, I’m sure I’ll be talking about them on the blog. I just got back from Vegas so I have another item scratched off my list. YAH! I’ll be watching your progress as well. Here’s to both of us achieving our goals by 40! 🙂


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