2015 Free Printable Planner Cover

And it’s heeeeeere!!!!

I’m excited to introduce to you the updated and improved 2015 Action Planner.

This is year 3 that I’ve done this and am totally pumped to say that this is the best one yet, in my biased opinion!

This is for all of my pen and paper planners! Yeah, I also use a digital task management system (Asana) but I loooooove to write things down, physically mark items off a list and not have to be on my laptop or phone to work my tasks and goals.

2015 Calendar Cover Page
Beautiful Cover Page


What’s included?

Glad you asked! It has a lot of the same juicy goodness from last year – a year at a glance page, monthly calendar page with inspirational image, quote, and reflection, permission slip, and note pages. But this year I added some new hotness for you – stuff I wish I had in stock planners. I combined the best of the best from planners I’ve bought over the years. Make 2015 your best productive year yet!!

  • The planner is designed on standard letter sized 8.5″ x 11″ paper so you can easily print at home or have it printed professionally.
  • I’ve added an annual desire list to track your major goals for the year.
  • In addition to the monthly calendar page, there is now a monthly action guide to jot down your objectives, significant events, and notes.
  • Then you have the weekly to do pages which I’m most excited about. What you’ll see is that I didn’t include a long section for each day because I am an advocate for not putting too much on our plates. So having only 6 slots makes you really think about and prioritize your to dos! You have a notes section if you need it. 🙂 Next on the weekly pages is the “Did I Handle” section. I already printed in my top 3 items of things I want to ensure I do every week. These are non-negotiable! I hope self-care is one of yours too! Lastly, is the “End of Week Reflections” area. After projects are completed in real world business settings, there is usually a debriefing period for lessons learned, what went well, what didn’t, etc. Well, guess what? I want you to do the SAME THING! Really take the time to fill out this section and you can start to notice trends and watch your progress!
  • Next in the Action Planner are 2 different styles of note pages. I like lined pages for organized notes but blank pages for doodling or creating diagrams or flow charts when I’m strategizing. These will both come in handy for you.


Here is a view of my calendar after binding everything together at Office Depot.

2015 Action Planner Collage 

2015 Calendar Weekly Pages
Weekly pages (2 page spread)
2015 Calendar Note Pages
2 different types of note pages
2015 Calendar Pages
Year at a glance page, Monthly view, Desire list and Permission slip, Monthly action guide


Printing: If you have a quality printer at home, feel free to print this out at the crib. However, I found a coupon for a huge printing discount at Office Depot. BOOM! So I ended up with multiple front and back pages, spiral binding, really thick paper for the front cover, and a hard plastic back cover and it only cost me about $40, much cheaper than planner I bought back in 2012 (which included a bunch of extras that I’m still using)! Yours can cost more or less depending on how much you actually print and the kind of binding and covers you choose.

Extras: For my calendar, I purchased some extra goodies to turn it into a very useful booklet:

  • I reused my old Erin Condren snap in bookmark to hold my place for the current week and adhesive pen holder which comes in extra handy so I won’t end up looking for a pen all the time.
  • I added basic pocket dividers to the back of the planner to hold my stickers and other loose items.

I’m sure you can find these items in your local office supply store.

Your turn…

Did you sign up to get the action planner yet? What are you waiting for?! Grab your planner printables now. You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

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Start Your Year Off Right With This 2015 Gorgeous Free Printable Planner!

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  • Corina Ramos

    Hi Lakesha!

    This is awesome girlfriend! Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m also a fan of writing things down. I have a notepad right next to me to jot things down and I’m a doodler :).

    I love a big calendar that I can write my notets. I have large writing :). I just downloaded my copy! Have a Merry Christmas and a kick ass 2015 chica! Oh and thanks for saving me from having to buy one :).

    • Corinaaaaaa!!! Anytime I can help someone save money, it’s a win in my book! Enjoy lady and when you get yours all printed up, tag me in a pic so I can see yours too!

      Happy holidays to you as well and yes, 2015 is getting ready to be off the chain! 😉

  • You go girl!

    • Heeey boo! *hugs* And happy holidays to ya. We’ll chat soon!

  • Love it! You’re a BAWSE, boo! <3

  • mindbrick

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome planner for free! Love your style

    • Awww, thanks so much! Grateful for your feedback. Be sure to let me know how it works for you as you use it. 🙂


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