The Uncommon Chick Facebook page has now surpassed 1,000 fans!!! Yah! I am delightfully flattered, completely appreciative, and wonderfully overjoyed 🙂

Now, I want to give back to you! I’d like to thank my amazing readers and fans for your support and what better way to do that than with an awesome giveaway?!

uncommon chick 1000 facebook fan giveaway event
This could be yours!

Yes, you could be the winner of this picture of a $100 gift card. No, I’m just kidding…you actually do get the chance at the gift card itself LOL.

Who wants to win a $100 Visa Gift Card to do with however you please???????

1,000 Facebook Fans Celebration and Giveaway

Okay, so how do you enter to win? All you have to do is:

  1. Be a fan of Uncommon Chick. Click here to “Like us if you haven’t already!
  2. Leave a quick comment below with one thing that makes you unique or uncommon. 

Simple enough, yeah? Giveaway ends March 22, 2012 so get it in!

Over to you…

So what are you waiting for? Like us and comment for your chance to win the $100 Gift Card that might be burning a hole in my pocket. 😉

***Our next giveaway will be when we reach 1,500 fans so keep inviting your friends!***


  1. U.S. participants 18 and older are eligible – I apologize to my international and underage readers. 🙁
  2. You have to be a fan AND have left a comment below to be in the drawing.
  3. Random.org will be used to select the winner so that everyone has a fair chance!
  4. Winner will be announced March 22, 2012 here on the blog, on Facebook, and via email (so make sure you leave a valid email address in the email field; no one else can view it but me).
Wassuper, it's yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what's "normal!" I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.
1,000 Facebook Fan Celebration and Giveaway!!!

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  • Nice giveaway! I have liked Uncommon Chick – I thought I had before, but that was you personally. Now I like you both!

    Hmmm, what makes me uncommon is that I have a birthmark on my belly button – I used to call it my rubber duck when I was little (I don’t know why)

    • Thanks Robyn, I’m just trying to do it big like someone I know – YOU!! 🙂


  • You already know I’ve become an avid fan of your page!!! Congrats on reaching 1,000 visitors.

    • Thanks darling and I appreciate and am ever so grateful for your support!!

      Talk soon!


  • I’m unique because I’m ME. 🙂

  • You know I’m a HUGE Fan!

    What makes me unique is the fact that I believe in God, Jesus, and Law of Attraction. I love it when I point out Bible versus that reflect LOA teachings to LOA coaches – it just blows their mind. I have family members who think it’s a lot of hoo-ha, but my Dad gets it and my Mom is starting to come around to. My belief has shaped my life, brought me success, and makes me happy. It’s also brought me to a wonderful platform (blogging) that allows me to explore my passions (dogs, photography, and helping others). I’m that person who walks down the street smiling.

    I have a blessed life!

    • And I am so grateful for all of your support Kim!!!!

      I bet if we both were walking toward each other on the street smiling our butts off, we’d instantly feel chemistry 🙂


  • Danielle Thomas

    What makes me unique is the fact that I am me! There is no other like me; ambitious, intriguing, and willing to climb heights to reach my full potential 😉

    • Heeeeey Danielle! Thanks for stopping through and for your support! 🙂


  • miyoka

    I act like a lady an always think outside the box.

    • That’s one of the reasons I love you so much cuz! 🙂


  • Congrats on this great milestone! That’s exciting. 🙂 Hmmm…uncommon, huh? What about just weird?

    Nah, I won’t tell you about that.

    I think the most uncommon thing I have done is fly to a small Caribbean island after seeing a travel channel special–I didn’t know anyone (or the language)–and try to buy a small hotel. LOL

    (Didn’t work out…but someone else bought it and renovated it…really pretty now. I should go back to celebrate my uniqueness.) (http://www.bahiamarina.net/)

    • Thanks Steve, and yes your experience is definitely uncommon! Doesn’t matter that it didn’t work out but the fact that you saw something you wanted and went for it is awesome! 🙂


  • Nicole S.

    Congrats on the “G” so happy for you!
    I am unique because I sincerely believe in forgiveness. I have a hard time holding grudges. And since I would have to work extra hard to do it, I just don’t.

    • Thanks boo boo! You should go ahead and write a post about holding grudges for the blog…hint, hint… 😉

  • Michele

    Unique. That’s a tough one. I have battled bipolar depression for several years and I have survived suicide, alcohol addiction and nicotine addiction. I don’t know if that makes me unique but it makes me a surviour.

    • Michele, it definitely does make you a survivor and I hope that others find you an inspiration!


  • April

    I’m unique because my name is April, but I was born in July 🙂

    • My mom said she was gonna name me April but now that I’m here, I can’t see me being an ‘April’ 🙂


  • Char

    There is absolutely no one on this earth that God made exactly like me! That make me UNcommom! “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”!

    • You are absolutely correct Char! 🙂

  • That is a tough question…everything that comes to mind turns out to be kinda common. LOL

    Maybe the fact that I can’t eat most fish (allergic), but shrimp (YUM!); and my husband can’t eat shrimp, but fish makes me/us pretty uncommon. Every once in awhile we go out for dinner to get our fix; he orders fish & I order shrimp, and then we stay away from each other for the rest of the evening.

    • Girl, now that’s pretty funny!

      FYI – I think you have a unique style which is one of the reasons why I love looking at your blog photos 😉 Stalk much? LOL


  • Nikki B

    I’m really proud of you old roomie! Hopefully I’ll get it together and follow in your footsteps soon enough.

    One thing uncommon about me is my unique ability to retain the slightest facts from long ago and keep quiet about it. For instance, i remember who had the biggest crush on you in undergrad, but I’ll never tell -:)

    • Thank you boo!!! Soon enough can be tomorrow…just let me know how I can help 🙂

      But, er, um, you may as well tell me now! There’s a statute of limitations on this type of thing so it’s all fair to give it up 13 years later!! 🙂

  • LaWanza

    I didn’t know you had a facebook page! I just liked it!

    • Hey LaWanza, glad you’re part of the Uncommon Community! Thanks so much for your support and look forward to connecting more often!


  • Zach Martin

    I am unique, well, because there isn’t another one like me. My worldview, my sense of humor, my writer’s voice are all irrepressibly me and no matter what happens in my life I know those things make me the awesome person I am.

  • I am unique because I possess an encyclopedic-word-of-the-day-toilet-paper vocabulary and use it to hurl snark, wit, marketing drivel, style tips and Jenna-isms in 140 characters or less on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

  • Rebecca Shockley

    I have liked you on FB previously and a huge Congrat’s on hitting that awesome number!!!
    I think I’m unique or uncommon mostly because I dislike the sun, how strange right, well, I don’t like hot or anything close to it, so there it is, first time confession here, no hot weather, unless of course I live on the shore of a beautiful lake or the Ocean, but in fact I live in the very humid state of Minnesota, Summer’s are nasty! I hope I didn’t scare you to much with that one, lol.

  • Nora Whalen

    What a great idea! You have really built a community of amazing unique individuals and I am so happy for you!

    What makes me unique? I believe business can be fun!


    P.S. I love your box to add one’s Twitter username. You must teach me how to do that 🙂

  • Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I’m sure you’ll reach 1,500 in no time at all now. This is my contest entry! Thanks for having a giveaway.

  • Liked your page! What makes me unique? mmmm….mmmm… speechless?! lol!

  • I liked! I usually never win anything, but hey… always hopeful. 🙂

    Something unique- I study the art of vitals points in my dojo, aka Kyusho. I am one of 85 people in the United States that practice this martial art.

  • Lea Michelle

    the uncommon thing about me is I like Corn and Applesauce together!! BTW Congrats!! Can’t wait to meet up and have lunch!!

  • Shane Janssen

    I am unique because somehow I manage to procrastinate in just about every aspect of my life! At least I’m enjoying it!

  • I like you on Facebook: Cori Eckstrom Westphal (facebook.com/coriwestphal)

    And one thing that makes me uncommon, is that I love brushing my teeth! Something about it just soothes me and makes me feel fresh and clean all over. My dentist loves me!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • I’m a biologist and in science there aren’t very many brown girls with PhDs doing that. In fact my research is pretty unique too. I study bomb sniffing rats. And if I can ever get this paperwork pushed through I’ll be wrangling 2kg rats with my gloved hands. hahaha!

    • Girl, you know you are uncommon all the way and I love it! 🙂

  • Michele McDonald

    Congratulations! One uncommon thing about me is that I have the ability to find unique fixes to peoples everyday problems.

    • I have a few problems I need you to fix LOL 🙂 You know I’m loving you for all of your support darling!!!


  • Lisa M

    Congrats, something unique – I love a good jogging jacket!

  • One thing that makes me unique is that I was born with Cerebral Palsy and did not walk until I was five years old.

  • I have liked you on FB previously and a huge Congrat’s on hitting that awesome number……..

  • Truong Thien

    nice give away. but i am late. waiting for the next give away


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